Carpet & Hard Flooring Products

Where Quality Counts

And Good Advice Matters

Like anything, the choice in flooring products is wide and varied and can be overwhelming.
At Cooney's Flooring, we believe in talking through options with you to find what will suit your living needs best.
The main carpet fibres available are wool, nylon, polyester and polypropylene. We primarily use sheet vinyls, laminate and LVT as our hard flooring options.
wool texture


Warm and luxurious, wool is ideal for living areas and bedrooms in family homes.  Naturally renewable it is also flame resistant and biodegradable with natural insulating properties.

nylon texture


Solution Dyed Nylon is a synthetic fibre which is exceptionally durable, ideal for high traffic areas and suited for homes with children and pets. Allergen free and easy to clean, nylon is an affordable long lasting option giving the feel of quality and comfort. Available in a wide range of colours.

polyester texture


Another synthetic option, polyester provides an economical choice while still looking and feeling fabulous.

polypropylene texture


Hardwearing, affordable and stain resistant, polypropylene is another good option for families with children and pets and particularly rentals.

carpet texture

Carpet Tiles

Carpet is a great commercial option with a large range of styles and colours and it can be laid in a pattern. It is available in squares or planks and any damaged tiles can be replaced individually.

Hard Flooring Options

vinyl texture


Offering a huge range of colour and patterns, we are more than happy to talk through the right look to suit your space. With a wide range of widths to work with, sheet vinyl is still a great option for any space - either living or commercial.

laminate texture


Laminate flooring provides a durable and stylish option, and with it's underlay base provides a quality feel underfoot. Available in a variety of styles.

LVT texture


Luxury Vinyl Tiles offer a fantastic range of choice giving the look of timber at a fraction of the cost.